Detroit Autorama

For a long, long time, American gearheads have held the tradition of hot rodding and customization close to their hearts – If there is one show you absolutely have to check out to see the best of the best in this part of the automotive world, it’s the annual Detroit Autorama.

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The Little Microcars That Could (Almost)

It’s hard not to respect, and in some cases, love, the microcars with which we might be less familiar, the strangely shaped and quirky, the underpowered and slow. In some ways they were ahead of their time, better on gas, lighter and more efficient, and because of that, now seems as good a time as any to pay them the homage they deserve.

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This Week in Motorhead History: Super Mario Brothers

On February 28, 1940, Mario Andretti and his twin brother, Aldo, were born in Montona, a town on the peninsula of Istria which at the time was a part of Italy.

We mention Aldo because, while today Mario is known worldwide as a championship-winning racing driver, few people are aware that Mario is a twin, and that Aldo, father to NASCAR and Indycar winner John Andretti, was a pretty good shoe himself.

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The Tampa Bay Auto Museum – A Tribute to Creativity and Imagination

During a visit to St. Petersburg we made an all-too-brief side trip to the Tampa Bay Auto Museum in the northern suburb of Pinellas Park.

This amazing facility was opened in 2005 by Mr. Alain Cerf, the founder of privately-owned PolyPack, a manufacturer of highly-engineered automated packaging equipment for consumer products that was started in 1962 and whose headquarters is located directly next door.

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The First Car

This is about my first car, and your first car. Everyone’s first car is special. Everyone remembers their first car.

When someone asks, “what was your first car?” you’ll be able to answer right away, year, make, and model. Your first car marks a significant shift in your life. It marks the acquiring of a new freedom.

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This Week in Motorhead History: A DAFfy Transmission?

On February 7, 1958, the Dutch truck manufacturer DAF introduced its first passenger car, the DAF 600, in Amsterdam.

The car is remembered for having a continuously variable transmission – the “Variomatic” transmission, a novelty for the time but proved, over the course of the next 20 years, to be a successful design for the company and an inspiration to today’s automakers.

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  • The Mad Motor Maker
    The hyperactive, workaholic genius with little thought to self-preservation beyond the latest hedonistic indulgence, will eventually be brought to heel by his own hubris. Naturally, it’s a tale we’ve all heard before. And not for the first time within the automotive sphere.
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  • The Green Light for Green Tech
    The New York City International Auto Show has long been the stage for dramatic releases, automotive innovation and exciting foreshadowing for an industry consistently trying to outdoor itself. This year, however, was more 1968 than 1965, more 1959 than 1953, the in-between years we will look back upon as when things were actually happening, rather than when world automakers were saying they did.
  • Shoe Leather in Search of New Cars
    What is new today is tech: A truly remarkable percentage of what we saw in New York may have looked like what we have seen before, but were either production-ready or pre-production gas-electric hybrids or full electrics.
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