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Finding an Event

Here’s how to Find an Event:

Simply click on “Find an Event” in the menu bar. It will take you to the Event Listings page which defaults to all events nationwide. You can then narrow your search by “Type of Event” and/or “State“. Click “Search” and all the events you selected will be listed. If you see an event you are interested in, simply hit the “Details” icon for more detailed information and options. That was easy!

Becoming a Member / Logging In

Becoming a member of is easy and free, and allows you to post and edit events.

• Simply click on (or go to “List an Event” and click on “Become a Member” at the bottom of the green box)
• Enter a Username, an Email Address, and a Password, and hit “Join Today”. (Note: No spaces in your Username are allowed & may not contain any special characters other than underscore. Passwords must be between 8 and 75 characters.)
• For security purposes, an email will be sent to the email address you entered for verification. (Make sure you check your junk mail folder for it!)
• Just click on the confirmation link provided in the email, and it’ll take you back to, where you can sign in with your new username and password… That’s it!

It is a good idea to write down your username and password so that you and other folks in your organization will have it for next time. And if you add to your contacts, it’ll help if you need to contact us. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


Some problems in becoming a member or logging in could occur because of the browser you are using. Some older browsers like AOL are not supported. Try logging in using another browser like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 11.

If you forget your username or password, you can have it emailed to you in the Log In box (Just check to make sure it does not end up in your Spam/Junk folder)


Listing an Event

Here’s how to List an Event:

Listing an event is free, but you must be a member (also free). If you are already a member, simply log in with your username and password at  If you’re not yet a member, click on “Become a Member” or see the FAQ above on “Becoming a Member”. Don’t worry, it’s really easy!

Listing your event: Simply click on List an Event in the menu bar, and you will be wisked to an event form page. Fill out all your information (boxes with an * are required).  Using the “Schedule” box: Click on the little calendar to choose the date, then choose a start time and an end time, then you must hit the “Action: ADD” button to enter that date. Adding multi-day events or repeating events like cruise nights is easy! Once you hit the “Action: ADD” button you will be automatically given another set of schedule boxes to enter if you wish. As long as it’s the same location, you can add the whole season of dates if you like. It’s really easy, and once you add another date, the start time and end time auto-fill. Very convenient! Just be sure to hit the “Action: ADD” button to enter every date you specify.

Once you input your show info and check the “not a robot” box (assuming your are not a robot), press the “Preview and List your Event” button. You will be shown a preview of your event listing page. Please proof carefully and scroll down to hit either “Edit” (to make changes) or “Post” (if it’s good to go). That’s pretty much it!

Some notes: If you are previewing your listing, and do decide to go back and edit it, you will need to re-enter your state. No one knows why. It’s a computer thing. And if you do hit “Post” and then realize something is incorrect, you can edit your listing after it’s been posted. See the next FAQ, “Editing your Listing”…

Editing your Event Listing

Here’s how to Your Event Listing:

1) Log in to with your Username and Password on ,

2) Click on Find an Event on the top bar,

3) Search your event by state & open the Details (surfboard shaped Details “button”) for your show.

4) Once you are on the Details page of your listing, on the left bar of your opened details, click on “Edit Event”. An editable version of your listing will open. It will have a red EDIT stamped on top.

5)  Edit by going to the field(s) that need editing, deleting the current info & replacing with new info or just add the additional info, whatever is needed. If you do end up switching the event to your rain date, besides editing the event date (don’t forget to hit “Add” to enter each date), it might be good to ALSO add to your EVENT NAME, “- DUE TO RAIN, POSTPONED TO (date)” to avoid any confusion. The updated info will be easily seen at a glance.

6) Then hit “Preview & List Your Event” on the bottom of the page. This is just a preview – you are not done yet. Carefully review your entire listing’s preview.  If you still see something that needs editing, click on “Edit” button on bottom of page. If all is correct, hit “POST” on the bottom. You must click on “POST” to finalize your edited listing and have it go live. You will then receive a confirmation message on the screen that says, “Your edits have been successfully made…”

7) Then check your event listing on the Find an Event one more time to make sure your show listing is as you want it to appear.

Listing a Club

Here’s how to List a Club:

NEW INFO TO COME! Please check back soon!

How do I become a Safari Tracker?

Here’s how to become a Safari Tracker:

NEW INFO TO COME! Please check back soon!

Where did I leave my car keys?

They are in your pants pocket.



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