Detroit Autorama

For a long, long time, American gearheads have held the tradition of hot rodding and customization close to their hearts. It’s prevalent at just about any show you can attend in this country, from the smallest weekly cruise-in to the most prestigious of concours...

The Indianapolis Not-Quite-Nine

When the checkered flag waves over the winner of the 100th Indianapolis 500 this Sunday, it will, as is customary, signify the end of the race.  But it was not always so. In the early years of the 500, when the winner crossed the finish line, the race would continue...

An Ode to Harley Earl and the Concept Car

For more than a few generations of car enthusiasts, it has gone without saying that the new year will bring about beauties and beasts from all corners of the car industry. When the season for international auto shows begins, we are inundated with all makes and models,...

The Little Microcars That Could (Almost)

I confessed in an article recently that, despite my aversion to ‘cutesy cars’, I am madly in lust with the Fiat 500, both classic and moderns iterations. The Fiat 500, along with the Mini Cooper, and to an extent, the Volkswagen Beetle, are symbols of classic...

Aussie Grit (Your Teeth to Read This Book)

Mark Webber is many things. He’s a success story, an incredible inspiration, a race car driver who defied the odds over and over, a small boy from rural Australia who rose the ranks, a friend, a teammate, and more. He’s all these things, but he’s not a writer. The...

Opening Night in America

As the weather turns warmer, race tracks across the country awaken from a wintertime nap to launch a new season of competition, and what played out this past Saturday at Wall Stadium in New Jersey is just one example. At Wall Stadium, which held its first opening...
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