How the ‘Vette Was Won

This Week in Motorhead History The Chevrolet Corvette is a staple of American life. It symbolizes the ultimate Route 66 driver, the two-seater sports car that has withstood the test of time, full of power, panache and a just dash of attitude. The Chevrolet Corvette...

100 Years of Car History

It is natural, at the start of a new year, to look toward the future and dream, both wildly and realistically, about what it might hold. The automotive world, filled with innovators, designers and a multitude of dreamers, has always played into the hand of daydreams,...

Santa Baby, a ’54 Convertible Too, Light Blue

Christmas automotive advertising is an art form. From the vintage stylings of classically dressed men and women exiting their glamorous Lincolns and Cadillacs to attend fancy holiday parties, to the kitchy Santas jumping into Corvettes, to the family wagons carrying...

For Christmas This Year, The Hess Truck’s Here

Did you know that Leon Hess, of the famous green and white Hess design, was born in New Jersey in 1914? (New Jersey gets a bad rap and we’ll take all the celebrity we can get, alright? Incidentally, it’s a lot of celebrity.) But Leon Hess did what most children of the...

Anarchy of the Early Auto

This was going to be a factual article. I had it all planned out – the history of early auto racing, where the first race was run, who competed, how fast the cars ran, if anyone was able to complete the race. It was going to be factual. But the thing is, the history...
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