An Ode to the Chatterbox Diner

For years, Dad would drive us out to the far reaches of western Jersey, where our picturesque summer camp with its water slides and canoes would prove the background for childhood memories and adult memoirs alike. After I outgrew camper-dom, I began working at the...

You Take Shotgun

Imagine, if you will, the wide open expanse of the Mojave Desert. It is the first half the 19th century and westward expansion has led pioneers and settlers to head toward the far-off ocean from established ports in the eastern cities of Boston and Philadelphia. There...

Speed Read: Car Design(ed to Educate and Inspire)

Speed Read: Car Design Author: Tony Lewin Publisher: Motor Books Price: $19.99 / £12.99 View There is a line in the film Devil Wears Prada that Meryl Streep delivers with the jagged edges of nails sharpened so fine you’d never even realized you’d been stabbed....

What’s an Automotive Journalist?

I guess to me, this seems obvious. After all, I’ve spent the last six years of my life studying reporting and communications in the classroom and on the street so that I could bring my passion to others who share it. But, of course, it seems obvious to me because I’ve...

Is Elon Musk Cracking Up?

Recently, Elon Musk sent out an ill-advised Tweet declaring that Tesla was going private, purportedly with funding from Saudi buyers, whom he had acknowledged had not yet closed the deal, but undoubtedly would. This came as news to the Tesla team as well as the buyers...
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