Serving Time in the Car Business

Everyone has at least one colorful story about an experience in a car dealership.  Why: because the car buying process is unlike anything else in the retail world.  It’s a wacky setting to do business.  Thankfully, car buying as a whole has become a lot less painful....

Cars and Caffeinated Beverages

Anyone who has been to enough car shows knows how very different each individual show can be. Yes, they all have cars, obviously.  Your experience, however, will vary quite a bit from a hot rod nationals show to a concours show. At one, you’ll see crowds gather along...

The Adirondack Nationals

True car enthusiasts love and respect cars/trucks of all forms.  Some happen to be particular towards certain vehicular classes.  I love all cars, whether it’s an exclusive exotic or a 1000 horsepower Honda Odyssey (yep, that exists), however I have always had a...

The First Car

Greetings fellow car enthusiasts. I’m very excited for this opportunity to work with Car Show Safari! My name is Chris, and I’m from Waltham Massachusetts. I currently work in the auto industry in car sales. I may be stating the obvious, but I am a die-hard car...

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