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Tucker: The Man and His Dream

I find it so interesting that this film is nowhere to be found. If Tucker were operating in today’s day and age, like Elon Musk or Christian Von Koenigsegg, the story would have been different.

Interview With Stick Shifters of America

We sat down with Michael Briskie, Chief Gearhead at Stick Shifters of America, to learn more about automotive conservation, activism, and history. 

The Bland Blazer of 2020

That’s the extent of the reporting that we have seen thus far surrounding this announcement, overlooking, in our opinion, the fact that the new Blazer will be derivative in every way. It will, to torture a phrase, blaze no new trails.

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away

It says something when a book about the history of the Mustang holds my attention. Mustang, by Donald Farr, part of the Speed Read Collection at Motorbooks, did.

The Race of Gentlemen Phenomenon

The Race of Gentlemen triumphed for another year as vintage hot rod owners, racers and spectators gathered on the beach to witness a classic car event unlike anything else. The weather was forgiving, the crowd enthusiastic and the general atmosphere one that will not only survive in this new age of the classic car hobby but, ultimately come to dominate it in the next few years.

Safari News



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