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At Indy, The Mayor is Out, Twinkletoes is In, and the Tricolor will Fly

This weekend’s Indianapolis 500, the 102nd running of the iconic race, has already produced its share of stories, and we’re still days away from the green flag.

Predictions for the 2018 Car Show Season

For most of us, the car show season is just beginning, and I’d like to make a few predictions about what we’re going see at auto events this year.

Electricity is So Hot Right Now

Look at where the automotive world has come in the years since these cars first hit the road, and try to argue that alternative energy is showing signs of fatigue.

Who the Heck is Bertha Benz?

Today, in 1944, Bertha Benz died.

And anyone who loves cars, knows cars or has ever sat in a car, you should care.

Mess With the Bull

On April 28, 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini, the madman behind what would become one of history’s most iconic brands ever, was born.

Safari News



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