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Aren’t Your Glad(iator) There’s a New Jeep Pickup Truck?

The Jeep Wrangler has long been a held up as the symbol of adventure and strength across rough terrain. The seven-slot grille has become synonymous with a top-down, mountain-climbing, sleeping-bags-in-the-back lifestyle that we all love to live vicariously through.

And now they’ve taken it one step further–or maybe one step back.

Those We Lost 2018

CarShowSafari.com looks back on those we lost in 2018 who made a contribution to the world of automobiles and motorsport.

The Dirt Track is a Fickle Mistress

But racers are a resourceful lot, and they now faced their own challenge: Finding a way to win on the track that lay before them.

Social Media and Your Car Show

So, with Christmas barreling down upon us in jolly good cheer, why would we think about car shows now? Car show season in the near past and distant future. What can November, December, January mean for our cozy classics tucked in the barn?

In Car Years

Imagine a world in which Henry Ford had gone from madman tinkering in his garage to a household name with more than 25 assembly lines producing household vehicles for the American people with such ease that a company which had originally produced just a few cars a day did not even notice the one millionth mile marker.

Safari News



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