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Car Magic

Author Zidrou and illustrator Sebastien Chebret come together to create a fantastical and yet not-so-fantastical look into the mind of a car-loving child with a big imagination, in Bobby’s Got a Brand New Car.

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The Syracuse Nationals 2017 Gallery

A Pictorial of The 2017 Syracuse Nationals

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Volvo has now joined their ranks. Announcing the decision to phase out models reliant on an internal combustion engine and produce a line of cars that focus on electrification at the core by their 2019 lineup, embracing fully electric, plug in hybrid and mild hybrid cars.

They are the first consumer car brand to make the move.

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Should the Manuals be Saved?

It’s a campaign begun years ago, as automatic transmissions began to become standard equipment on new cars, replacing, um, standard transmissions. “Save the Manuals” is the rallying cry.

But I don’t buy into it.

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Ford Tough, But Easy to Read

It’s almost funny to think about the history of the truck. In my mind, their history is parallel to the history of the car, developing at the same pace and for the same reasons. And while much of that belief is true, Patrick Foster’s Ford Tough, 100 Years of Ford Trucks, delves so much deeper into what makes a truck a truck, and how that impacts the history of the world.

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